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Honeys welcome home!

May 30, 2009

I think it is about time we move on here and let´s just get to the point with what this blog is about: fashion & baby.

For the past 6 months I was looking for any kind of high heels (sandals or shoes) with python pattern, but without luck…until today, when they FINALLY stod in front of me. From the second I saw them I knew it was EXACTLY how I want it them to look like and walked directly to the counter with the biggest smile on my face. I believe in love at first sight – specially when it happens with shoes.

zara sko












The baby? He will be 1 year old on the 12th of June and will officially become a little boy!




Missing you

March 15, 2009

Viggo´s daddy and my BIG baby is in New York now. We miss you a lot!

My 2 boys

My 2 boys


Old memories

March 14, 2009

A picture of me in Copenhagen, one week before my wedding…before-the-wedding-sorthvid

Random street in Palma

Random street in Palma

Viggo´s first winter...

Viggo´s first winter...

One of my favourites books

One of my favourites books


Short cuts

March 8, 2009





Short update

March 6, 2009

1. Great day with my little Viggo. He crawls everywhere and loves to play 🙂

2. Green poncho went back.

3. Training cancelled as I´m having a sore throat and feel cold and freezing….

4. Now dinner: jasmin rice with chicken tikka masala.

5. Afterwards bath with Viggo.

6. Tomorrow shopping (maybe)  and relaxing. Need to be fresh for my trip next week.


Have a nice evening everybody!!!



1 big & 1 little

March 1, 2009











Dress – Bruuns Bazaar

Leggings – H&M

Boots – Zara

Baby outfit

Baby outfit

Jacket – Burberry

Cap – H&M

Jeans salopette – H&M

Dummy – Tomee Tipee

Dummy strap – Bam Bam


Deers in the forrest

February 27, 2009

Today Viggo and I took a long walk in Dyrehaven (a huge forrest close to our place) and we looked like this:


Hat – H&M

Wool scarf – Gant

Wool coat – Zara

Leggings – H&M

Boots – old vintage






















We saw a lot of deers…


The afternoon I spent it doing yoga while the guys went to buy a closet for Viggo´s room. The little guy has to move out from our bedroom soon,  so the weekend will go with fixing his room.