Thin vs skinny

March 7, 2009

Nina Ricci a/w 09


I was looking at Nina Ricci´s fashion shows for this year and there´s one thing that makes me so sad…And it´s not the clothes – I think the outfits are great!

But look at these models legs!?! They are so skinny that it looks sick – to me at least!! I know some people are naturally skinny and all that, but I honestly don´t think that all these girls are really like that from mother nature…When I look at these pictures all I see is some girls starving themselves to keep theirs jobs. And that´s not fashion to me anymore.


There are plenty of models out there who are thin but not skinny and look gorgeous, why not using them?? One of my favourites is Natalia Vodianova. Natural beauty!




  1. It just goes to show, some models will do anything to make money, including ruining their looks. But then again, these thin women pictured above were probably never good looking to begin with even at normal weight (being so tall) so what difference did it make to them that when a crazed dress designer offered them large sums of money to model his or her clothing line with one stipulation — that they all had to be very thin, then they were only too willing to drop their weights in order to fit the job description. They are very ugly women.

    To be a model does not mean to be good looking for this bunch. This era is obviously coming to a close to have such extremes in the fashion industry. I’ve studied fashion and when ugly extremes begin to show up on the fashion scene (which have been with us for several years) you know a new era is over the horizon and ready to push out the old to be replaced by a beautiful new era.

    These ugly unhealthy tall emaciated figures will no longer be tolerated on the fashion scene when the new era rushes in.

    • Agnes thank you for your comment and I completely agree with you. I can see around that many blogers refered to Nina Ricci´s show (in this case) and got a lot of comments about the models and their looks – and none of them are positive!!!So I hope that wave you describe will come soon because these girls need help – not money. 🙂

  2. I have a blog that is for thin girls only because we don’t have support in the media. The media puts so much focus on skinniness, but what about the thousands of girls who get breasts implants because they want to be curvy? http://thinisgood.wordpress.com/

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