Food poisoned!

March 5, 2009

The spinning hour yesterday was fantastic!!I´m normally not crazy with biking on the same spot for an 1 hour, but this guy, Nils…is a tuff one.  Anyways, afterwards J and were so hungry so on the way home we stopped by the local burger shop and bought pita breads with chicken and sallad. 2 hours later I was all over the bathroom floor with a stomach ready to explode – I got food poisoning. The worst is that the thought actually crossed my mind already when we were in the shop, but I stopped it and considered that it´s me …always being so picky. And then you hang there over the toilet and you´re night is ruined and I just wanted to go back and throw up over their counter and thank them for the meal.

Luckily I had J looking after me and Viggo. Our baby still wakes up a few times during the night and needs his milk. But I was thinking that if you´re a single parent with a baby and this happens what do you do?? Well …in my case that would really be a problem when my mom lives in Spain and best friend in Sweden…

Now I feel ok though so the day will be spend nice and easy with fresh air and a lot of fruits!

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