Let´s get personal

March 3, 2009

My favourite tea is a blend of liqourice and mint. My husband is Danish, my best friend lives in Gothenburg – Sweden, my mom and sister live in Spain, my father in Romania. I speak fluent English, Swedish, Danish and Romanian and I understand well Spanish.  I love to play tennis. Favourite chocolate is dark with lemon and ginger. For 1 year I studied film history and the science of film. I also studied screenwriting and wrote a screenplay/manus for a short movie. 2 movies I could see again and again are “My life without me” and “I am Dina”. When I drink I prefer sparkling mineral water, champagne or mojitos. Billie Jean is my all time favourite song. My pregnancy is the most special thing I ever experienced. Most beautiful day of my life was the 18th of august 2007. My little sister can always make me laugh – she´s like a lucky pill you get addicted to. In school I was an expert in literature and writing essays. When I was 12 I loved reading Shakespeare. When I was 3 my parents got me started in gymnastics. I worked and will continue working with children – I have a bachelor in social work. Best time of the day is between 19 and …early morning. Sometimes I can´t sleep because of all the ideas I have in my head. Best morning is waking up in my husband´s arms and having breakfast in bed – with newspapers. Next best thing in the morning is waking up with my baby boy next to me and see his BIG smile. He looks like he hadn´t see me in 100 years – every time. In my spare time I train, play with my son or read. Best remedee to bad/boring days is going out and shake that booty. Next best remedee to whatever is shopping.


One comment

  1. Best remedee when you´re depressed: read this lines of your interesting fashion-lifestyle blog and just think how lucky,intelligent and gorgeous you are and that you have more than 5 persons in life that really love you and think of you!!!!!life is great,don´t you yhink????and you are adorable!!!!!miss u sis!more than you can imagine!!!

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