Burn baby burn

March 1, 2009

We´re having a really great time in my family right now, that´s why the slow update. Yesterday both J and I got a great massage and I took a long walk with Viggo in the forrest. Afterwards I spent the afternoon with my little boy – just playing and laughing until we both got tired and took a long nap together. We “spoon” when sleeping and it´s just so wonderful to feel his little tiny body close to mine. And if I just turn around or move away a little bit, he follows after me in his sleep until we lay on the edge of the bed…

In the weekends we also try to make nice gourmet dinners and breakfast which takes some time because usually we have to buy quite a lot and make everything from the ground – but it tastes so good!!!

After all the weekend food is time for me to go and burn some fat – so at 17.00 I´m off to body pump!Can´t wait!!!

Body pump

Body pump


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