Deers in the forrest

February 27, 2009

Today Viggo and I took a long walk in Dyrehaven (a huge forrest close to our place) and we looked like this:


Hat – H&M

Wool scarf – Gant

Wool coat – Zara

Leggings – H&M

Boots – old vintage






















We saw a lot of deers…


The afternoon I spent it doing yoga while the guys went to buy a closet for Viggo´s room. The little guy has to move out from our bedroom soon,  so the weekend will go with fixing his room.



  1. Oh Viggo already has 2 teeth out!he is so sweet!!!Oscar says his eyes are from his mummy and I think it`s true!!

    • Yes 2 teeth out and more coming hehe…All of him is a true copy of me which I love it, the only thing he got from his dad is hands & feet and you know…”the little guy down there”.

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